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Drywall Repair Contractors in San Jose CA

Are there holes or scratches in your drywall? Is your drywall in need of repair due to water damage related to faulty plumbing, leaks or other causes? Perhaps your drywall joints suffer from poor taping or skimming, resulting in uneven lines. Whatever the problem may be, chances are we've been there and fixed it! San Jose Painting has been the preferred drywall repair contractors in California for decades.

The key to repairing drywall well is blending of texture. We bring an eye for detail to ensure that there is no trace of any repair having been done on the affected area. And, of course, we will inspect all the work together with you at the conclusion of the project so that nothing falls between the cracks (pun intended!).

Our Drywall & Plaster Repair Services Include:

  • Plaster Repair & Installation
  • Drywall Repair & Installation
  • Ceiling Drywall Installation
  • Gypsum Board Repair & Installation
  • Sheetrock Repair & Installation
  • Drywall Taping & Finishing
  • Skim Coating
Drywall Repair Contractors in San Jose California

Some Reasons for Drywall Repair

  • Cracks caused by settling, heavy wall objects, cracked paint, structural problems, poor foundation, etc.
  • Unsightly holes in wall
  • Doorknob damage
  • Battered corners
  • Water / moisture damage
  • Normal wear and tear

Drywall Textures & Styles

Drywall can be applied in a myriad of styles and textures. In fact, these are only limited by the imagination of the craft-person doing the work. Some textures can be applied by hand using certain hand tools such as a pan and knife or a hawk and trowel. Others require the use of a machine that sprays textured material onto a wall. San Jose Painting has been the preferred local drywall installers for over 20 years because we come equipped with the necessary tools to provide either option.

Some textures we offer with our drywall installation services include: (Click on the links to see examples.)

San Jose Painting has been the drywall repair contractors in San Jose CA that local folks have been turning to for over two decades. Whatever the state of your drywall, chances are that we've seen and fixed it many times before. If you're looking for some tips on repairing drywall, check out this blog post.

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