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Pressure Washing Services in San Jose, CA.

Pressure washing can do wonders for the appearance of a home. It's also necessary for maintaining your home's wood and exterior building materials. But pressure washing can be tricky. That's because applying too much pressure on wood, for example, can cause damage. Damage that is irreversible. A knowledge of the strength and resilience of the materials being cleaned as well as which cleaning agents to introduce to the process are the keys to safely power cleaning any surface.

San Jose Painting offers a wide range of pressure washing services to our customers. We follow industry standars to ensure your surfaces are cleaned safely and throughly.

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Power Washing Services in San Jose, California

DIY or Hire Us?

That is the question. You might be tempted to turn your power washing problem into a DIY project. After all, people do it all the time. So why not? The first reason you should hire the pros at San Jose Painting to do your power washing is that there's some risk of causing irreversible damage to a surface when it's done incorrectly. The ideal way to power wash is to use the least amount of pressure possible, combined with the right cleansing agent(s). This requires a bit of know-how and we've been doing this long enough to know how to approach every type of project.

The second reason you might want to hand over the rains of your power washing project is that of convenience. Why bother with the headache of doing the work when you can have us do it for an extremely affordable price? Weekends are for relaxing, not power washing! Sit back, relax and let us do the dirty work.

Environmentally Safe Process

We take a lot of pride not just in delivering excellent results but also in doing so in a responsible manner. Our cleaning agents are both non Toxic and Biodegradable. And we take the required steps to ensure that we abide by all relevant EPA guidelines.

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